The Astral Sea: This is where the gods live. It is a vast space within which the domain of each god may be found. Each domain is different and is shaped by the will of the god. The sea also contains stars, planets and asteroids; all composed of pieces of the Elemental Chaos that have broken free from that realm. Finally, remnants of the Entropy forces hide within the vastness of the sea, disguised as planets, stars or simply hiding among them. One nebulous area, completely dark and devoid of stars, is known as the Astral Abyss. It is said that a great evil slumbers within and even the gods avoid it less they awaken the horror.

The Elemental Chaos: This is the former realm of the Primordials, and the current realm of the elementals. It is a vast, roiling realm, equal in size to the Astral Sea, containing maelstrom of clashing elements and pockets of stability. The famed City of Brass lies within the Elemental Chaos. And in the depths of the realm lies the corrupted region called the Abyss; home of demons. It was the formation of this realm that turned the Primordials against the gods and began the Dawn War.

The Far Realm: Somewhere beyond the outer GodWall, beyond the vast emptiness of the Great Beyond lies a realm of madness, destruction and ultimate chaos. This is the home of the Entropy; the mortal enemy of all life.

The Three Realms: The world of Creation has three dimensions that overlap. Each is a reflection of the others and each has its own special qualities.

  • Feywild: A realm of magic and intensified reality. Colors are brighter, sounds are clearer, odors are sharper, touch is more sensitive and tastes are more intense. This is the home of the Fey and is ruled by powerful lords and queens who control various aspects of nature.
  • Shadowfell: A realm of darkness and muted reality. Colors are dull, sounds are muted, odors are vague, touch is desensitized and tastes are bland. This is the home of the Shadar-Kai; servants of the Raven Queen, who is the only god to reside within the Inner GodWall. It is also a place where undead thrive.
  • Creation: The core realm is where the majority of life resides in the Three Realms. Life of all kinds thrives upon Creation.

GodWall: Mythical walls built by the gods to keep the Entropy out of this multiverse. There are two GodWalls; the outer and the inner. The inner barrier separates Creation from the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. It is said that Moradin built this wall out of material from the Elemental Chaos and inscribed the history of Creation upon the inner surface, along with sculptures of the gods, people and creatures of historical significance. The inner GodWall is invisible but it can be seen by those who are truly revere all of the gods in the pantheon. The outer GodWall was erected by the powerful Io, primarily to hide and protect this multiverse from the Entropy. This barrier separates the multiverse from the Great Beyond and the Far Realm, where the Entropy resides.

Sigil: A fantastic city that was built into the inner GodWall itself. It is known as the city of doors as it contains thousands of portals that lead to every corner of the multiverse. Sigil is rules by the enigmatic Lady of Pain.


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