Peacekeeper Chronicles

Portal to Creation

The Peacekeepers do battle with the foulspawn that guard the portal leading back to Creation. After they dispatch the aberrant creatures, Anika opens the arcane door that separates them from the portal and they all leap in and land…

... in a blizzard upon an arctic wasteland. For the next several days, the group trudge through snow, making their way slowing towards a range of mountains, hoping to find enough shelter in which to perform the Linked Portal ritual that will get them back to their home in Fallcrest. After a week or so of travel, they finally make it to the mounains and find enough shelter to allow the ritual to be performed. They step into the portal, but instead of being whisked away to their tower in Fallcrest, they appear in another chamber that is unfamiliar. The chamber contains various statues of knights and wizards and one man stands within. He calls himself Obanar he welcomes the PCs to Argent, the City of Champions.

Obanar invites the Peacekeepers to a more hospitable chamber and offers them food, drink and a fire to warm themselves by. The group enter the chamber and as they are fed, they ask Obanar what Argent is and why they are there instead of their tower.

Obanar tells them that Argent is a city founded at the end of the Dawn War, it’s purpose to protect Creation from the forces of darkness and to forever contain the threat of the Primordials imprisoned by the gods. He gives the Peacekeepers an account of Argent’s history and how champions from all over Creation came to serve and protect. He tells of the decline of Argent with the advent of the Empire of Nerath. The security brought about by the empire resulted in fewer and fewer champions coming to Argent to serve. Obanar claims to be the last champion, having served well over 1,000 years. When asked how he has come to live so long, the old man states that Argent sustains him as long as he serves her.

Obanar tells the Peacekeepers that they were brought to Argent by an ally of his, named Kaine, who has been seeking champions worthy of serving Argent. It is likely that he tampered with the Peacekeeper’s teleportation circle, which diverted them to Argent. Obanar says that they are free to go at any time, but he asks that they consider his offer to serve Argent. He tells the Peacekeepers that Creation is threatened by an ancient enemy named Necreus, an agent of the Entropy that threatens to destroy all order in the multiverse. Necreus was defeated in the War of Darkness a millennia ago, but his defeat was temporary and cost the life of the demigod named Sola. Necreus has been inert within his Obsidian Spire all of this time, but has now awakened and seeks to pick up where he left off. Obanar says that Necreus is still unable to leave the Obsidian Spire, but he has enough power to exert his influence beyond it. He has agents wandering the world, doing his evil bidding.

One of those agents is a lich called Malak the Vile. This lich has brought together the various tribes of giants and united them under his control. This army has already laid siege to the capital of the Kingdom of Raknar (which Fallcrest owes fealty to) and has sights set upon Argent. Obanar claims that it is likely that Malak seeks to destroy Argent so that he may free the Primordials trapped by the magic that Argent possesses. This cannot be allowed.

The Peacekeepers ask how they would help and Obanar says that, if they take up the Silver Cloaks and serve Argent as her champions, they would find a way to defeat Malak and destroy his influence upon the giants before they can destroy Argent.

Obanar tells the Peacekeepers to rest and consider his offer and that they will speak more of this in the morning. He bids them a good night and leaves them to his servant, the minotaur named Rrowthar, to show them to their rooms. Rrowthar does so and the Peackeepers sleep until morning, when they awakened by an alarm that sounds out across Argent. Rrowthar comes to them and says the city is under attack and they are needed…


The Peacekeepers spend time buying and selling information and locate a person who has knowledge of the portals in Sigil. They re-equip and head to the Hive; the slums of Sigil. They locate Lissandra in the Door to Everywhere tavern and after spending some money, they learn about 3 possible portals to Creation. The first didn’t sound too promising, as it was located in a forge and exited in a volcano. The second was probably not active, as it was reputedly destroyed during the Faction Wars. The third was the best option, as it exited in the northern continent and was probably still active.

They decide on the third option, and learn that the portal is located beneath a dilapidated temple of Sola that was abandoned a while back. However, a new cult has moved in and there is some undead activity around the temple.

The Peacekeepers go to the temple, enter and indeed find cultists within. Their leader, a necromancer, says that the portal is off limits by order of Lord Necreus who, even now, consolidates his power upon Creation. The necromancer orders his followers to attack. The battle is brutal, as a zombie hulk, a spectre and a warlock joins the fight. Drax falls in battle and must face his death shade while his teammates dispatch the cultists. Luckily, he is revived before the shade can carry his soul to the Raven Queen.

The Peacekeepers regroup, find a trap door leading down into the depths below where they find passages filled with more creatures…

The GodWall

January 17, 2010:

After being marooned on the GodWall, the heroes find a new ally to replace their fallen friend, and set off on a three month journey to the mythical city of Sigil. The heroes struggle for months to locate the city, and when they finally find it, they discover that they must find a way in. Luckily, a creature known as a dabus had been exhiled from the city and his campfire was seen by the Peacekeepers. They approach and question him about how to enter the city. He tells them of a portal that lets them in, but that the portal is guarded by violent, destructive creatures. The group approach the portal, find the creatures (elemental creatures called Slaad) and attack. The slaad fight hard, the heroes defeat them and enter the portal. The arrive in Sigil, but find that several of the group were infected with a disease called Chaos Phage. They ask around town, are directed to the Lady’s Ward where most of the temples are located, find a Moradin temple and go through a difficult cure disease ritual. Afterwards, they locate an inn and secure lodging for the night while they plan their next moves.

Summary of Heroic Tier Adventures

The campaign began in one of the faint points of light in the darkness of the wilderness that the world has degenerated into since the fall of the great empire of Nerath. The town of Fallcrest is the center of civilization in the Nentir Vale and it is to there that the adventurers are drawn. They are selected by Douven Stahl, the Master of Arms of Fallcrest to be a part of a secret task force known as the Peacekeepers. Sponsored by the Lord Warden, Faren Markelhay, the Peacekeepers are trained for special missions that are needed to keep Fallcrest and the other settlements of the Nentir Vale safe.

The first mission the Peacekeepers were assigned was to clean out a nest of kobolds that were raiding caravans. They were also to recover a green dragon hide taken by the kobolds. They Peacekeepers successfully located the creatures in the ruins of a manor, but were surprised to find the kobolds were led by a white dragon. They managed to kill the kobolds and the dragon and recover the hide.

Next, they were assigned to investigate rumors of goblin activity near the frontier town of Winterhaven and to check on Douven Stahl, their trainer, who was verdue from a mission he went on near there. The Peacekeepers meet with the leader of Winterhaven, who directs them to seek out a goblin warlord named Irontooth. Before checking out the goblin lair, they learn where Douven Stahl was last known to be and find him the prisoner of a group of thugs led by a Feywild gnome, who they later discover is an agent of Titania, the Summer Queen. They kill the thugs, but are too late to save Douven, who was poisoned and transported to the Feywild.

The Peacekeepers find and attack Irontooth’s lair, kill him and his minions, and discover they were allied with a Orcus cult cell forming in the ruins of a nearby keep. The group enters the keep and fight through many creatures to get to the lower levels, where they find Kalarel, the Priest of Orcus attempting to open a portal to the Shadowfell. They kill him, but also lose their eladrin ally, Niali the rogue.

Upon returning to Fallcrest, the Peacekeepers learn that the Lord Warden and Douven Stahl were summoned to the capital city of Tor’Algar by King Gudrund to protect the realm against an army of giants that have united against the king. The Lord Warden had already departed, but Douven Stahl was missing in the Feywild. Lady Markelhay sends the Peacekeepers on a mission to return the Master of Arms so that he may answer the king’s call. To do so, the Peacekeepers must acquire a ritual from the High Septarch of Fallcrest. They go to the Septarch’s tower, but find that he had been killed and replaced with a doppelganger. They kill the doppelganger, and learn that it was after something called a “Black Key”, which they later learn is linked to a powerful Primordial weapon of war. They find the ritual and return to Lady Markelhay, but find that a Soladrin Priest named Phenras Lor and Lady Cersi (Anika’s step-mother) of the Wintergard Province have been threatening the Lady Markelhay, which becomes significant later.

The Lady Markelhay gives the Peacekeepers an artifact to trade for Douven Stahl’s freedom and she sends them to the southern border where an elven settlement can send them to the Feywild through a Feygate. Once they arrive at the Harken Forest, they find the elves are under attack by demonic gnolls. The Peacekeepers work with the elven king Ellerdyne and a human wizard named Khaine to fight the gnolls and use the Feygate to transport them to the Feywild.

Once in the Feywild, the Peacekeepers traversed dangerous wilderness while eluding the Wild Hunt to find the city of Tristar where Titania could be found and bargained with. While en route to Tristar, they encounter the Dreaming Trees and receive a horrific vision of the doom of the world by a dark army and led by an ancient evil. They eventually arrive in Tristar and meet with Titania. She allows Douven Stahl to depart with the Peacekeepers and she keeps the artifact, which gives her power over the Winter Queen, Mab (which becomes significant later). They return to Fallcrest using their special ritual and Douven Stahl is sent to fight the war against the giants.

Lady Markelhay sends the Peacekeepers on a new mission to recover a family heirloom for the Lord Warden to aid him in the war against the giants. They are sent to Gardmore Abby, a cursed ruin, that is overseen by a Peacekeeper named Fenril the Sentinel; who they learn is an artificial being known as a warforged and was part of a forbidden arcane experiment held within the bowels of the ruin they must enter. They find the entrance and fight through dangerous tunnels and find that the abby was destroyed by the experiment that was to build a forge that would create an army of warforged. The forge leaked perilous energy and destroyed the abby. The Peacekeepers fight the survivors of the abby that had been possessed by infernal spirits and eventually find the heirloom sword of the Markelhays, but at the cost of losing their dragonborn warlord Kalshazzak. They leave the abby and find that Fenril the Sentinel has disappeared. They returned to the Lady Markelhay with their mission completed.

The Peacekeepers earn a well-deserved break, but are hired by a local priest of Sehannine named Ressilmae to find and destroy a terrible structure called the Bloody Chapel. The heroes follow the trail of the priest’s young servant, who originally took a group of holy warriors to destroy the chapel, but had not been heard from and were missing. The Peacekeepers find their trail and follow it to the lair of a green dragon, which they dispatch. They find remains of the holy warriors, but one apparently escaped, so they follow his trail to a clearing where all manner of undead walk. The survivor was hiding within a stone henge and the heroes fought their way to him to recover him and the artifact that would destroy the Bloody Chapel. They then head to the chapel itself and discover that it is under control of the Orcus priest Kalarel, whom they had destroyed near Winterhaven and was now an undead Skull Lord. The monster fought and killed Aramis before he himself was destroyed. The Bloody Chapel escaped destruction, but the Peacekeepers managed to return a portion of Aramis’ body and had Ressilmae raise him from the dead.

Then the Orc War begins. The Soladrin Priest Phenras Lor, along with Lady Cersi, find an orc warlord to unite the orc tribes and march against the Nentir Vale. They are sent to the Cairngorm Mountains to confer with the goliath tribes to determine what the orcs seek within those mountains. They learn that the orcs seek an item called the GodWall tablet, which is said to be an actual piece of the mythical barrier. They fight several orcs down to a cave where an undead creature guards the tablet. They destroy it and acquire the tablet, which provides them information on an ancient Primordial engine of war called a Black Pyramid.

The Peacekeepers return to Fallcrest and are assigned to forge an alliance with the reclusive dwarves of the Hammerfast Stronghold. To do so, they must convince the princess of the dwarves to get them into the stronghold and confront her father. They engage in an ancient dwarven ritual to out-drink Princess Druella, which forces her to honor their bet and she takes them to the stronghold and in through a sewer entrance. They sneak into the dwarven city and find that the dwarven guards are controlled by a powerful force. They locate the High King’s chambers and find him dead, the victim of a disembodied brain in a jar that has vast mental powers. The Peacekeepers and Druella destroy the creature and gain the blessing of the ancestral spirits of the stronghold to return to the old dwarven ways. Druella becomes queen and agrees to help Fallcrest against the orcs.

The heroes return and are informed that the orc warlord, Groo Grux the Terrible, is isolated and Lady Markelhay wants them to attack and kill him. They head south to the place where Groo Grux was; an old ruined tower, and found an orc encampment, but no Groo Grux. They kill the orcs and find a dungeon blow the tower. They enter and find it was a trap set by Phenras Lor, who sets a terrible creature called a Balhannoth against them, while he, Groo Grux and a host of orcs invade the Moonstone Keep through a teleportation circle to kill Lady Markelhay. The heroes fight the Balhannoth and the remaining orcs and hurry back to Fallcrest to save Lady Markelhay.

Once in town, they sneak into the keep through a teleportation circle in the Septarch (now Peacekeeper) tower, fight their way through hordes of orcs, and find the Lady Markelhay beaten and the captive of Groo Grux and his elite orc warriors and ogre servants. The Peacekeepers fight the orc lord and manage to kill them all, discovering that Groo Grux was actually a creature known as an oni, who have mystical powers of enthrallment, which aided him in controlling the orc hordes.

The orc war falls apart, but the Lady Markelhay is left scarred emotionally and physically and Fallcrest is left bankrupt. She relieves the Peacekeepers of duty, but they agree to go on one last mission for her, to find Phenras Lor and Lady Cersi to stop them from gaining control of a Black Pyramid. But before they can go, they are confronted by a very angry Mab, Winter Queen, who is resentful of the Peacekeeper’s role in giving Titania her artifact. She makes them a bargain that she will not kill them if they manage to hunt down Phenras Lor, whom she gave the Black Key to as retribution for the Peacekeepers giving Titania her artifact, and stop him from activating the Black Pyramid. She warns the Peacekeepers never again to enter the Feywild or risk her wrath.

The Peacekeepers follow Lor and Cersi north into the Winterbol forest and find the Black Pyramid. They enter the pyramid and find Lor and Cersi in the control room just as they launch it on a suicide mission to destroy the GodWall itself. The Peacekeepers fight for their lives against Lor and his servants, but are too late as the pyramid rams into the GodWall. The Peacekeepers are not killed, however, as they are protected by an angel called Namiel. They are, however, stranded far from home on the surface of the damaged GodWall itself.

The Peacekeepers must find a way back to Creation and determine if there is a way to patch the damaged GodWall.


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