Kingdom of Raknar

Tor’Algar: The capital city of the kingdom.

Nentir Vale: The starting location of the campaign. This vale has unusually warm temperatures, which suggests that Mab somehow lost control of this area to Titania. The climate here is more akin to that of the continents much further south. Summers are hot and Winters are cold but not as harsh as they are elsewhere on the continent.

  • Fallcrest: Home of the Lord Warden Markelhay.
  • Winterhaven: Western-most settlement in the Nentir Vale.
  • Hammerfast (recently renamed Drakor Urak by Queen Druella Grudgebearer)
  • Nenlast: Northern-most settlement in the Nentir Vale.
  • Thunderspire Mountain:
  • Gardbury Downs:
  • The Witchlight Fens:
  • Harken Forest:
  • Cairngorm Peaks:
  • Dawnforge Mountains:
  • Winterbole Forest:
  • Lake Nen:
  • Lake Wintermist:

Wintergard Province: South of the Nentir Vale, this area is overseen by the Lord Warden Lannis. It has a large population of trolls and ogres and is home to the infamous Trollhaunt Warrens.

  • Stormholm: Capital city of the province.

Kingdom of Raknar

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