House Rules

This page oulines the various house rules that develop over the course of the campaign. The Rule will have a start date and an end date if it is discontinued. It will also indicate whether or not the rule is currently active.

#1: Initiative: Each individual will roll initiative as usual. The player with the highest initiative will compare to the NPC/Monster initiative. If the player’s initiative is higher, the player’s side goes first. If the NPC/Monster’s initiative is higher, they go first. During the player’s turn, the play starts with the player who had the highest initiative. The play proceeds clockwise until the players each have their turn. Purpose of rule: to speed play along by eliminating the need to track initiative order. Start Date: 01/17/10. Active.

#2: Action Point for Missed Dailies: An action point may be used to re-roll a missed daily power. The action point must be used immediately after the missed roll. The second roll counts whether it succeeds or not. Purpose of rule: to make daily powers more effective. Start Date: 01/17/10. Active.

#3: Alternative to Death Save: Takes the place of the Death Saving Throw mechanic.
  • Trigger: PC drops to zero or fewer hp and is dying.
  • PC’s spirit awakens in the Shadowfell and a Death Shade appears to take the spirit to the Raven Queen.
  • Dying PC must do battle with the Death Shade, which appears 2d10 squares away from the PC (if a higher number of squares is rolled than is available in a confined space, the death appears in the farthest possible square). The PC may choose to evade the attacks until he/she is healed and his/her spirit recalled back into his/her body.
  • Terrain surrounding the PC and Death Shade are the same as the terrain the PC’s physical body is in. Damage dealing terrain effects, traps, etc., are ignored. The only thing that can damage the PC’s dying spirit is the Death Shade. Terrain still impacts movement, however.
  • PC and Death Shade go on the PC’s initiative. PC goes first.
  • Death Shade has same Attack and Defense and Speed values as PC.
  • Both PC and Death Shade may use ranged or melee attack. Attack value is the same for either: d20 + 1/2 Level + highest ability modifier. No other modifiers apply (other than applicable terrain affects). Ranged attacks have a range equal to 20 squares. Ranged attacks have a maximum range of 10 squares and don’t require ammunition or powers. They are simply extensions of the character/death shade’s power.
  • Attacks vs a Death Shade doesn’t do damage. 3 successful strikes banish the shade and the PC awakens with 1 HP on their next turn and all on-going damage they are taking is automatically saved. If they are in a zone or a situation in which they will take damage upon awakening, they gain resistance to that damage for 1 round.
  • Death Shade attacks don’t do damage. 3 successful strikes against the PC kills them permanently.
  • None of the character’s powers nor magic items may be used in their spirit form.
  • If someone applies a successful Heal check on a dying character, this stabilizes them and banishes the Death Shade until such time as the player destabilizes (takes more damage).
  • Purpose of Rule: To give a dying character something to do other than roll death saves. Also allows a means of self-healing without the need for other player’s intercession.
  • Start Date: 01/17/10. Active

House Rules

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