Continent of Arctigus

This continent is the northern-most of the world. It is a cold, harsh place and is dominated by humans and giants, but has a variety of other races all vying for superiority over the others. The continent is ruled by the 5 Kingdoms of Man, or just the 5 Kingdoms.

Climate: Mab, the Winter Queen, claims dominance over this area of Creation (all except the Nentir Vale). Although winter dominates most of the year, the seasons of Spring and Summer tend to be more mild than the Fall and Winter seasons. Why this is, exactly, is not known and may have something to do with the pacts that the fey queens have with the gods. Still, even in the milder seasons, Arctigus is a difficult place to live. As such, the people who live here are hearty folk, that must endure life-threatening conditions year around.

Races: Humans are the dominant species, but only just barely. The goblinoid and orcish races are also numerous and offer the greatest threats to human security. There are also a spattering of other civilized races, such as dwarves, elves, eladrin, dragonborn, tiefling, goliaths, halflings, and gnomes.

The 5 Kingdoms: There is much history behind the 5 Kingdoms, going back to before the establishment of the Empire of Nerath. The 5 Kingdoms have had countless alliances and wars throughout the history, but the constant is the fact that 5 Kingdoms will always be wary of each other and will always fight for more land and resources. The main thing that keeps the 5 Kingdoms allied are the threats of the goblinoid, orcish and giant races that seek to drive out, dominate or destroy all other races. There is currently a tentative peace amongst the 5 Kingdoms, but with the lack of a stablizing force such as the Empire of Nerath was, it would not take much to spark a war among any or all of them.

  • Kingdom of Valharth: Queen Sigrid
  • Kingdom of Mjornir: King Ranulf
  • Kingdom of Palus Tor: Queen Thora
  • Kingdom of Raknar: King Gudrun
  • Kingdom of Romlohr: King Herold
  • Argent, City of Champions

Continent of Arctigus

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