Peacekeeper Chronicles

The GodWall

January 17, 2010:

After being marooned on the GodWall, the heroes find a new ally to replace their fallen friend, and set off on a three month journey to the mythical city of Sigil. The heroes struggle for months to locate the city, and when they finally find it, they discover that they must find a way in. Luckily, a creature known as a dabus had been exhiled from the city and his campfire was seen by the Peacekeepers. They approach and question him about how to enter the city. He tells them of a portal that lets them in, but that the portal is guarded by violent, destructive creatures. The group approach the portal, find the creatures (elemental creatures called Slaad) and attack. The slaad fight hard, the heroes defeat them and enter the portal. The arrive in Sigil, but find that several of the group were infected with a disease called Chaos Phage. They ask around town, are directed to the Lady’s Ward where most of the temples are located, find a Moradin temple and go through a difficult cure disease ritual. Afterwards, they locate an inn and secure lodging for the night while they plan their next moves.



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