Peacekeeper Chronicles


The Peacekeepers spend time buying and selling information and locate a person who has knowledge of the portals in Sigil. They re-equip and head to the Hive; the slums of Sigil. They locate Lissandra in the Door to Everywhere tavern and after spending some money, they learn about 3 possible portals to Creation. The first didn’t sound too promising, as it was located in a forge and exited in a volcano. The second was probably not active, as it was reputedly destroyed during the Faction Wars. The third was the best option, as it exited in the northern continent and was probably still active.

They decide on the third option, and learn that the portal is located beneath a dilapidated temple of Sola that was abandoned a while back. However, a new cult has moved in and there is some undead activity around the temple.

The Peacekeepers go to the temple, enter and indeed find cultists within. Their leader, a necromancer, says that the portal is off limits by order of Lord Necreus who, even now, consolidates his power upon Creation. The necromancer orders his followers to attack. The battle is brutal, as a zombie hulk, a spectre and a warlock joins the fight. Drax falls in battle and must face his death shade while his teammates dispatch the cultists. Luckily, he is revived before the shade can carry his soul to the Raven Queen.

The Peacekeepers regroup, find a trap door leading down into the depths below where they find passages filled with more creatures…



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